On January 1st, AHF and Women of Action teamed up to create a Rose Parade initiativethemed “A Girl’s World of Adventure: It's Her Journey. The float, which celebrated and sought to empower young girls the world over as it poignantly captured the Tournament of Roses 2016 parade theme: “Find Your Adventure," was inspired by Art Deco designs and Works Progress Administration artisans. The float featured an 11-foot spinning golden globe surrounded by four 8-foot tall floral girls from around the world dressed as potential professions girls may pursue.

The float riders: five girls aged 10 and 11—three of whom are HIV-positive—from around the US: Chicago, Florida, Arizona, Compton, and Los Angeles, spent the week in Los Angeles in the lead up to the Rose Parade event attending events meant to inspire and celebrate the girls, and bond them together through the Rose Parade experience.